1 - What is affiliate marketing?

To make things simple: When you sell service or product, it is called affiliate marketing. You do not need to invest, research and build something. You just need to sell something that someone already builted. It is not hard believe me.

To make things even simpler: When you sell product and service and get commission from that transaction that is called affiliate marketing. There is so much products and services those days, but we will stick to most profitable and most growing market for past 20 years online and that is off course adult affiliate marketing.

Keep reading for simple steps to get idea how affiliate world works, we are focused on adult services and products, but principle is less or more same for any other services or products in any other field, people have some needs, people need something to buy - you should be the one who will offer them best-valued product and services, that is the whole idea :)

2 - What is adult affiliate marketing?

We will continue in same manner to explain thinks simple and short: Adult Affiliate marketing is when you drive people to sign in for certain site, dating site, adult site and get commission for that. For example, I will stick to my favorite method in adult business field – dating subscription sales.

There are certain adult networks that will pay you up to $75 per every user who signup for their service, or up to $400-$500 when it come to some products (more about adult products later, for now we will focuse on services). I am 20 years in business and I am making $xx.xxx every month, beginners can easy reach $x.xxx amounts in first and second month. In all other types of affiliate marketing you need to sell much more or to drive much more traffic and commissions are smaller. That is why adult affiliate marketing is my pick compared to other markets. You want to try to become ault affiliate marketer too? Why not, like I said, it is not hard as that sounds. For start, you need just few subscriptions daily, not easy to reach but not hard too.

When it comes to selling adult "services" we are talking about dating sites, hookup apps, seducing guides, self-help books related to seduction and so on. When it comes to products we will talk about selling sex toys, like dolls, dildos various silicone things, rings and so on. Libido busters, male encashments, lubricants and so on, there is a thousand of products made for adults.Always keep in mind that choice of products or affiliate network are crucial since they are very good, best converting products and on the other side you have networks whose products converts very bad or networks that will pay you at all for products or services that you sell as their affiliate.

3 - How to start making money as Adult Affiliate (marketer) ?

This is where I can help you. A lot of my friends asked time by time for some help to learn making money in adult affiliate marketing, since they wanted to earn like I do, with no much efforts, and much more money then they get on their 9-5 jobs. To avoid repeating overtime, I wrote small guide where some base methods are described. Nothing hard, you just need to “stick” and to be patient in first few weeks. Then everything is much easier, money comes and comes and you are just spreading your business.

If you want, I will give you for free, use contact form at the bottom to send request and I will send you. Also if you have any other questions, feel free to contact me, I am trying to response to everybody.

If you don't need (or don't want to read my guide) here are some "directions": You can promote affiliate products (using links you get from affiliate network) in various ways, email marketing, facebook marketing, Instagram and other social media, You can create landing pages (site or blog) and pay targeted traffic using Google and FB/Instagram again and so on, when it comes to selling adult products this list is almost without limit. Keep in mind that you should spam under any circumstances. Provide valuable information about product (honest review for example) and your audience will buy and will back again to buy, when they buying from you, you are making money, so stuffs work very simply as you can see :)

5 - What is THE BEST adult affilite program? (UPDATED list on June 2017)

I tried many different adult affiliate programs in dating industry but my picks are:

Adult Dating Networks I am working with ...

Why ? 3 reasons: Best rates on all programs (highest payout per single sale), Best conversion ratio I ever seen and Best sites to promote. If those 3 reasons are not enough to you here are 2 more: bi-weekly payments (every 15 days) and greatest support I ever seen. So if you want to become part of team and start making money, feel free top open account now.

6 - What is the best payment method (for receiving earned money in affiliate business)?

Get free Payoneer card to receive money from affilite business with $25 preloaded as gift from Payoneer company - click on logo to fil a form and receive your $25 preloaded Payoneer card that you will use for receiving your adult affiliate earnings.

In early days, I used all possible payment methods from earnings that I make in adult business: Paypal, MoneyBookers, e-gold, Western Union, wire transfers, money Gram, various payments cards, etc...

But fortunately that is past!

Why ? When I got my first Payoneer Card I felt taste of real freedom for first time!

PAYONEER CARD features (for receiving adult affiliate earings, click here to get one for free with free shipping to your home) : All payment are instantly loaded to card and I can pickup money without any limits in any part of the world, in any of 220 supported countries by Master Card system, at any ATM machine in any city or village on the world. I can even pay for bils, hotel, rent-a-car, dinner, to buy shoes or even car, anything without commission J Great isn’t it!

If you still don’t get, here is real life example: My 2 weeks earnings at my favorite adult partner (network) are let say $25.000. On 1 st and 15 th in the month I will get my earnings (every 2 weeks). When they pay to my card $25K on first, I can immediately spend that money directly from card, or cash out at nearest ATM machine at any time of day in smallest village on Eart or in NYC or anywhere else.

So my formula for happy life: Solid earnings in adult affiliate business + payoneer card for absolute freedom, and you can have summer all 12 months in year and live and work from most famous beaches from Europe to Australia.

Get free Payoneer card to receive money from affilite business with $25 preloaded as gift from Payoneer company(my Payoneer Card - simple card as any other CC, but so powerful when you have nice business with solid incomes) :)

Few more words...

If you need any help I will help you to start making money as adult affiliate. If you have any questions, I will answer. If you want to try living different life that one that you have now, I will help you to try reaching your financial goals helping you to succeed in adult affiliate marketing. Why? Because I have some free time and want to help other people to feel good.

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